Audio Mixing (Stereo, Surround)

Do you have a musical piece or an album and desire professional mixing? We utilize Pro Tools software along with a suite of professional plugins such as SSL, FabFilter, iZotope, Waves, etc., to balance, enhance, and add attitude and depth to your projects. Additionally, we have analog equipment available (magnetic tape, effects, etc.), as needed for the project. Here's what our audio mixing service includes.

Once the mixing is completed, we will send you the projects for validation. You will then have the opportunity to contact us to let us know of any modifications you would like to make (up to 3 free revisions are included). After validation, the stereo or Surround files will be sent to you in high-resolution 24-bit version, as well as in 44.1kHz – 16-bit, or any other necessary version.

Important information: Patric works exclusively on Pro Tools, so you must either provide a Pro Tools session if this software was used for recording, or provide the individual tracks exported in stereo or mono from your DAW (Logic, Cubase, etc.). In this case, all tracks must start at the same point to maintain synchronization. Please maintain the original quality of your session (for example, 48 kHz – 24 bits). Make sure to include in your track export any effects that are an integral part of your sound (for example, a specific echo on a guitar).

Here are a few project examples:


Recording, Production, Mixing and Mastering (album, 7 songs).

Annie Fortin

Recording, Production, Mixing and Mastering (album, 14 songs).

Robby B Jones

Recording vocals and guitars, Production, Mixing (single).

Claude Valade and Robert Lagacé

Recording, Production, Mixing/Mastering (3 singles).

Interstellar ants

Mixing of their live concert (tribute to Jean Leloup).

Patrice Calixte

Recording, Production, Mixing (demo).

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