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Patric Favreau has been passionate about music, recording, and composition since his youth. Holding a degree in recording and sound production, he has had the opportunity to work on numerous diverse projects over the years.

I have a passion for sound (and equipment), and I strive to stay informed about the latest developments in the field, such as Atmos, new plugins, and to draw inspiration and learn from sound engineers and producers through readings, masterclasses, and training.

I find fulfillment when projects are diverse.

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Training and Inspirations

Degree in sound engineering and music recording.

– NYC Soul Music with Fab Dupont (1h30)
– Words to Say with Fab Dupont (2h29)
– Sunset Sound – Lucky Number with Greg Wells (5h17)
– Sweet Beast with Vance Powell (2h12)
– History of the Beatles Recording Techniques with Ken Scott (2h32)
– Recreating the sound of Motown with Fab Dupont (3h29)

– Blink 182 “Obvious” with Ryan Hewitt (3h)
– Jamiroquai “Vitamin” with Mick Guzauski (1h)
– Jason Mraz “I’m Yours” with Tony Maserati (1h35)
– Michael Brauer Aerosmith Basement Tapes Enhancing Techniques (21 min.)

Cables & Connectors, Analog & Digital Processing, DAWs & Converters, Managing Gain & Distortion, Mic Choices and Placement, Speakers & Headphones, Understanding Recording Signal Flow (1h46)

– Producing Voiceovers In Pro Tools Tutorial (2h28)
– Izotope Ozone 9 Explained (Mastering) (1h53)
– Al Schmitt on Using Microphones (54 min.)
– Audio For Video with Pro Tools (2h32)

– Mixing Breakthroughs (3h52)
– Mastering Demystified (3h35)

– Multiple Mix Deconstruction & Production Videos (5h54)

– Mixing Acoustic Drums Workshop (1h10)

– Dolby Atmos Mixing In Atmos.#1 (1h22)
– Steve Genewick Mixing In Atmos #2 (1h15)
– Chris Walden Big Band – Lost In The Memory with AL SCHMITT (42 min.)
– Chris Lord-Alge – Mixing Green Day “Boulevard” (1h28) – Michael Brauer – Mixing Zac Brown “OMW” (1h20)
– Bob Clearmountain – Mixing Bruce Springsteen “Born In The USA” (39 min.)
– Alan Meyerson & Ron Bartlett – DUNE Re-recording (Mixing) (1h41)
– Chromeo “Bonafied Lovin’” Production (58 min.)
– Catherine Marks – Wolf Alice “Moaning Lisa Smile” (1h37)
– Jaycen Pensado – Production Seminar #4 (2h01)
– Recording A Band.6 – Chris Lord-Alge – Phil X & The Drills (1h40)
– Tracking Drums #1 – Joe Chiccarelli – Joey Waronker (1h49)
– Recording A Band.2 – Joe Chiccarelli – This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) – Wildling (3h00)
– Recording A Band.3 – Steve Albini – Old Master – Rat the Magnificient (2h53)
– Recording A Band.4 – Sylvia Massy – The Melvins (2h35)
– Recording A Band.1 – Andrew Scheps – Love & Hate – Her (1h13)
– Recording A Band.5 – Al Schmitt – Melody Gardot (29 min.)

– Power Mixing Course
– Power Effects Course
– Power Equalization Course
– Power Automation Course

– Mixing Masterclass with Maria Elisa Ayerbe (3x Latin GRAMMY Nominee – MixCon 2020) (1h30)

– Mastering Masterclass with Warren Sokol (4h00)

– Audio for Film and Video with Pro Tools (2h30)

– Audio Production for Interviews (2h41)

What I use for work

A big thank you to all the clients, artists, production companies, and institutions who have used my services (Atakama Studio) over the past years, among others: Avataq Cultural Institute, Les Producteurs laitiers du Canada, EVOQ Architecture, La Guérilla, Espace GO, Mario Pelchat, Tortuga Films, Zone 3, Le nouveau théâtre expérimental, Musée Pointe-à-Callière, Scéno Plus, Théâtre Le Clou!, Le Gouvernement du Québec, Transport Canada, Vincent Vallière, France Castel, Les chanteurs de Lorraine, Xerox, Nadja Productions, Laurent Imbault, Théâtre Bluff, Productions Leitmotiv, Zilon, N12 Productions, Mouvement Perpétuel, Sunset Pictures, Northern Saskatchewan Archive, Concordia University, McGill, Jewish Public Library, Cinémathèque Québécoise, La compagnie Jean Duceppe.

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